L'ospedale non lasci più senza parole (Parte 2)

How to get by around the hospital

A short guide on how to get by around a hospital setting


Working as an international doctor in a hospital environment where English is the main language of communication can be a bit of dauting task.

In this article we’re going to address three main points:

  • how to introduce yourself to a patient
  • how to interact with a patient during a medical examination
  • language Focus

In the previous article we have addressed the following practices:

  • ward staff in the UK
  • places on the ward

It has to be borne in mind that the academic path to become a doctor in the UK and USA is quite different from the Italian one. Having a knowledge of the different academic paths leading to the medical profession is a key element while interacting with international doctors during conferences, seminars as well as in a work environment. If you want to more, please refer to our “How to introduce yourself” guide ("Come presentarsi"). This guide will help you introduce yourself to other medical professionals.